Coming Soon: Feisty Chickpea Burgers

Hey folks:

I wanted to pop by here and give you all a brief update on why it’s been so long since I’ve written any of my culinary creations. I’m on a quick break from doing school work this evening to tell you that I will be posting my wonderful, summer-themed recipe of Buffalo chickpea burgers which I am making for dinner tonight. This recipe is a much needed update and improvement from the chickpea burger recipe I posted a few years ago which came out too soggy and bland. I’ve finally mastered the art of the chickpea burger with the magic of hot sauce, blue cheese (tonight I’m using goat cheese), and the right amount of wet and dry ingredients. They’re spicy, addictive, flavourful, don’t fall apart and kick ass!

I’ve been so ridiculously busy these days because we are in the process of moving back to Ottawa from a failed stint in the sleepy town of Pembroke, I’m taking 6 courses online to get my Food Service Worker Certificate and am of course, once again looking for work. Ugh. I just want to rest my weary heart at one great company and stay there for good, no more moving around! I’m done, finito. Part 1 of our move is tomorrow so maybe I’ll post sometime on the weekend. See ya then!

Better go finish making dinner and my school work 🙂



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